You've probably heard...

  •  If you want to be more successful in your business, you need to hustle more.

  •  You should be focused on selling all day everyday.

  •  If salesy tactics feel uncomfortable to you, do them anyway because everything you want is outside of your comfort zone.

  •  You can be successful if you use the “exact strategy” some guru is selling. 


Welcome to Pass the Bullsh*t with Crystal Tosh and Amy Hartmann, two badass business owners serving up one steaming pile of bullsh*t a week so you don’t fall face first into it.

If you know you were meant to be serving your audience by being your true authentic, unique self but feel like you are constantly being told you have to conform to norms and rules that literally suck the life out of you, this podcast is for you.

This podcast was created in honor of all of the #truthbombs that deserve to be brought into the light. It is time to pass the bullsh*t around, so you can get a good look at it and decide once and for all that YOUR business and YOUR life can and should run on YOUR terms.

Meet Your NO BS Besties

Crystal Tosh

Crystal is an intuitive marketing rebel who once fell face first into the bullshit of cookie cutter, one size fits all guru marketing.

She tried several “exact strategies for success” until she finally realized that she needed to trust herself and lean into her own intuition. She called bullshit when she finally realized that she was running a business that she hated and chasing clients with other people’s strategies is always a losing battle.

Running your own business isn’t supposed to be so hard! Crystal currently runs several businesses and a non-profit and does it all in ways that honor her own unique style and intuition. She helps other business owners tap into what makes them unique and helps them develop their own magnetic messaging so they can increase their revenue doing what they love in ways that celebrate intuition and living in flow.

Amy Hartmann

Amy is a business freedom expert who once fell face first into the hustle culture bullshit. At one point she probably would have told you that her favorite quote was some bs about working hard like most people won't...

She lived there for quite a while until she realized that shit was a big fat lie. That kind of hustle never ends and she was never going to get to the part where she could live like most people can't.

Today, she is no longer chasing the freedom mirage that the hustle culture promises and can't deliver on. She called bullshit on all of those lies, started doing things her own way, and now runs 3 successful businesses and enjoys the time, location, and financial freedoms. She knows that she is not a unicorn. What she created is possible for anyone who wants it, and she is passionate about putting an end to the hustle culture bullshit and helping service providers create the freedoms they want for their life and business.

Join the No Bull Marketing Club

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Listener Love

Somebody Pinch Me

"This podcast is sooo refreshing! Every time I tune in I get a dose of transparency (and not all the B.S.) that repetitively gets spewed when it comes to business practices. Amy and Crystal show up unscripted and authentic to bring an experience that has me feeling like I am sitting right there with them... soap-boxing the truth! After each episode I always feel affirmed or inspired!"

Real Talk. No Bulls#*t Here.

"I love how conversational this podcast is along with the energy and connection between the two hosts…it totally had me leaning in for more. How refreshing to FINALLY have two experts talking about….what nobody is talking about (but they really are lol just not out loud). If you’re tired of the business fluff, and hearing the same old content that everyone else shares, this is a great podcast. Can’t wait to hear more!!"
-Ms. Sassy Soul Success

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